A-B Emblem

Weaverville, NC

Our USA sales division which has been incorporated in North Carolina for over 45 years and currently has over 6,000 customers.

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Emblemas Bordados

Tecali, Mexico

Our Mexican Manufacturing Company in Tecali de Herrara since 1996 with over 150 employees and exporting products to the USA, Europe and South America.

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Puebla, Mexico

Our Mexican Trading Company selling to uniform companies and the textile market within the country of Mexico and the leader in embroidered emblems in Mexico.

Qingdao Emblem Manufacturing, Co. Ltd.

Laixi, China

Our Chinese manufacturing company established in 2007 in the farm town of Laixi which is 90 minutes north of Qingdao “The Beer City” of China. They run the facility 24/7. for exportation to the US market

Qingdao Superior Emblem

Qingdao, China

Our Chinese trading company with the sole purpose to sell to the domestic Chinese market.